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Hope all is well! Just thought I'd share a little PassionProfit news update since the new 365-day newsletter product I discuss below was inspired by the cooking demo I did on Saipan a few weeks ago! 
NEWS: The person/entity that owned YesterdaysYou.com failed to renew that domain registration, so (after months of painstaking monitoring) we are now the proud owners of the YESTERDAYSYOU.COM domain (as of just a few hours ago!)  Woo hoo!
The concept behind Yesterday's You™ is simple: Repair, Reversal & Rejuvenation to help you create a healthier you....yesterday's you! And, all of our health products (Fit to Breed, How to Reverse Aging, Fast & Grow Young, The Ageless  Adept, ) have always been about that concept. Check out the site for the Yesterday's You™ philosophy and formula!
In Internet marketing, capturing the "best" domain name for a given concept helps with branding, makes the concept more cohesive and easy for the public to remember and share with others!...and is reason to celebrate!
So, to allow YOU to join in the celebration, you can use the coupon code "YESTERDAY" to get 10% off not only Yesterdays You™ products, but 
on ANYTHING on the passionprofit.com/store site! (ebook, paperback, mp3, subscription, coaching) on any topic whatsoever!) So, if you've never actually visited the PassionProfit Store, now would be a good time!
Act now!
p.s. Health is an important part of pursuing your passion. If you're NOT on the Yesterday's You™ mailing list, join now, because we're about to release a new subscription product (365 Days to a Healthier You), and the first 200 people will receive a special gift!
You can also find us at www.facebook.com/yesterdaysyou


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