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Bold, stunning, full color photos of modern-day Saipan on every page!
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The best of Saipan!

Back Cover: Diving off Sugar Dock

Welcome to Saipan

Playing in the park

Windsurfing in the lagoon

Canoe team

Saipan zoo

Zumba classes, Gold's Gym

Yearbook hundreds more photos!

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100 pages! 8.0" x 10.0"


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Press Release:Saipan NOW! New photo book showcases modern day Saipan!

SAIPAN, NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS--Author and local photographers team up to create Saipan Now!, a photo book highlighting the beauty, culture and lifestyle of contemporary Saipan.
"That’s what the tourists have been asking for," explains a clerk at Bestseller Bookstore on Saipan.
"Saipan has a very significant war history that many new residents and expats find fascinating now that they live here, but today’s visitors are looking for something to take home that captures the Saipan they just experienced on their vacations," adds Walt F.J. Goodridge, a local author who escaped the rat race to live his dream life on the island. Since moving to Saipan in 2006, Goodridge has published several books about the island including Saipan Living, Doing Business on Saipan and was the "as told to" author of Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skin: Diary of a Chinese Garment Factory Girl on Saipan.
Saipan Now is the collaborative effort of a few photographers on island and offers a unique tribute to modern-day Saipan.
The full color, 100-page "photo adventure" is now available. Order here at
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A few weeks ago, a former workshop attendee and coaching client revealed that she nominated me to be considered for this year’s Governor’s Humanities Award here on Saipan. I thanked her, but I didn’t really believe I qualified because...(read why at
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